Information Stills Behind the Scenes

Running Time 10:01 minutes.
Released: 1st May 2012

A two-part Vampire Saga set to the music of UK Goth-Rockers Witching Hour. With a special appearance by Tim Burton as Van Helsing.

Directed and Produced by DEREK FREY
Starring Yusura Bush Watcher, Tim Burton, Valery Nuttall, Sabrina Lecordier, Leah Gallo, Benoit Moranne, Malcolm Davis, Chris Nuttall, Glen Mexted, Dave Dore, Holly Kempf, Gary Keller, Kirsty Squibb, Jack Taylor, Trevor Barnes, Alys Sterling, Davina Davine, Ross Nelson, Olly Driscoll.

REVIEW by Richard Trejo of


If you crave 80′s goth rock and love yourself some vampires than the next film is right up your alley. We started off Day 2 with one of the most unique horror shorts shot in two parts set to the music of UK Goth rockers Witching Hour. “VAMPIRES KISS/BLOOD INSIDE” is Produced and Directed By Derek Frey with a cast starring Yusura Bush Watcher, Valery Nuttall, Sabrina Lecordier, Leah Gallo, Benoit Moranne, Chris Nuttall, Malcolm Davis, and Tim Burton as Van Helsing. That’s right folks the Edward Scissorhands man himself makes a cameo as the famous Vampire hunter. The film is shot as a music video with the music providing the pacing of the film. The film follows 3 women who wish to invoke the powers of the vampire goddess. I found the imagery to be almost dream-like heavily infused with the sexuality that vampires used to be associated with. With recent vampire adaptations falling short of portraying true vampire nature it is refreshing to see that Derek still respects the vampire genre and this film is a direct reflection of that. All the way till the very end of the film you are entertained and you’ll be left with the sultry tunes of Witching Hour for hours to come.

Director's Comments

I always wanted to create a gothic, period piece Vampire film set to music and have been friends with UK based Goth-Rockers, Witching Hour for close to 8 years. We spoke frequently about working together but it wasn't until the release of there latest album, Raven, in 2011 that the time seemed ripe to create something. Witching Hour's music draws inspiration heavily from Hammers Horror films, of which I am a great fan. Pre-production began in October of 2011 with filming taking place in December. The approach was to create a short film, more than a music video. We were honored to have Tim Burton join the cast in a cameo as "Van Helsing". As another fan of Hammer Horror, I think he enjoyed walking in the footsteps of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.